General Information

As a private physician, I bill medical cost directly to my patient. Afterwards you submit the invoice to your health insurance fund; depending on the fund and the treatment you will be reimbursed up to 80% of the cost. In case of private medical insurance even up to 100% of the cost may be reimbursed.

We specialise in diagnosis and non-invasive therapy of cardio-vascular diseases; a special focus is on heart imaging using all currently available ultra sound techniques (newest generation of Philips devices) and a high-end MRI-scanner (1.5 Tesla, Aerius by Siemens) – the latter can be considered an open system due to its large drilling.

A first appointment includes a complete cardiological examination consisting of a detailed consultation, an anamnesis, a physical examination, a resting ECG, a cardiac ultra sound examination and a plan for therapy.

Doctor’s letter will be written on the day of your first appointment and sent by post to your referring family doctor and to your home address (the letter will be received 2-3 days later).

All further measures or examinations, if necessary, will be results from your baseline visit.

You have access to the entire range of gentle (non-invasive, blood- and radiation-free) heart imaging  and therapy under one roof. Diagnosis and therapy issue from a single contact, guaranteeing a stable doctor-patient-relation and thus avoiding loss of information.